Current Projects

Contemporary Curriculum Building Project


Framework Arts has brought together a unique team of educators and researchers to create a body of contemporary art curriculum and art making approaches for use throughout the schools of Utah. Although there are various high quality arts organizations currently serving Utah’s public schools, this project is unique in its emphasis on curriculum creation, cross organizational approach, and on-site assessment with a student population.


Members of the working group include:


Megan Hallett- Visual Arts Specialist with the Salt Lake City School District

Amanda Davis – Spanish Language teacher with the Jordan School District

Sandy Brunvand- Assistant Professor/Lecturer, Department of Fine Arts, Univ. of Utah

Kerri Hopkins- ArtsBridge Program Coordinator, University of Utah

Mallory Bateman- Utah Foundation Research Analyst

Kelby McIntyre-Martinez- Assistant Dean for Arts Education and Community Engagement, Univ. of Utah

Welcome to Framework Arts, a project-based organization founded on the belief that youth should play a vital role in building and engaging in a creative community. Since 2014, Framework Arts has supported arts programming in community and school settings. We assert that through the arts youth should be taught to simultaneously love and critique their everyday existence.


Framework at work

Dream in Pictures collaboration with Art Access


This is a visual storytelling class with parents and students of Escalante Elementary. Salt Lake City is home to vibrant immigrant and refugee populations, presenting opportunities in our neighborhoods and schools for diverse storytelling in a variety of forms. This multi-week course will engage parents to create art alongside their children to explore their personal family narratives around being “Dreamers.”


The curriculum will utilize a broad set of materials for inspiration including:

Visual artists from throughout history and throughout the world who have explored themes of migration and movement, parent/child relationships, social and immigration policies, and sustaining culture.

Claim It! Film and Photography Project


OurSLC: Claim it! is a multi-year civic arts project with the Sorenson Unity Center and the Salt Lake communities of Glendale and Poplar Grove. Working through a variety of civic engagement activities and programs, youth groups and neighborhood residents are exploring what it means to claim their neighborhood, its rich history, diverse cultures, and current vitality. Participants are rendering this exploration visible through site-specific public art installations that will enhance West Salt Lake opportunity zones and increase the community’s connectivity and visibility.  The Claim it! Film and Photography project is led by Megan Hallett and Kerri Hopkins, is community generated and documents the claims of the participants. It serves as a prompt for additional conversations across the city through a series of mini-exhibits in additional neighborhoods.  There are three components:

1. “I claim…” portraits

2. Film interviews/documentary: We are asking participants about how the theme is present in their daily lives and as residents of their particular neighborhoods.

3. Mini-exhibits

First person narratives and children’s literature exploring themes of migration and immigration and the stories that parents pass on to their children about their pasts and hopes for the future.


Writing activities and games performed by the class participants that help document and expand on the particular themes and ideas that are relevant to the parent/student participants.

megan@frameworkarts.orgFramework • Ph: 385 202 4717 • Salt Lake City, Utah